6S 4013 ERROR: Fix iPhone 6S unknown error 4013

We won an iPhone 6S with 4013 error from our buyer, we will see there’s a hint of water. For this water-damaged iPhone, most commonly it is the issues of the iPhone motherboard. We wish to disassemble the iPhone 6S to test the iPhone motherboard.
After disassembling, measure the iPhone 6S by means of DC energy provide, the present is caught at round 80mA, we showed it’s in information cable mode. Install the iPhone, and use iTunes to revive it, however the fault continues to be there, the iTunes nonetheless reviews unknown error 4013.
Now we wish to test the iPhone baseband circuit, whether or not the iPhone baseband energy provide is short-circuited, whether or not the resistance worth is commonplace, whether or not 19.2 clock is commonplace, we will change it with a greater iPhone baseband CPU, after which repair the iPhone once more, if the repair procedure bar can transfer easily, then perhaps it is the downside of the iPhone baseband CPU.
Disassemble the iPhone, we discovered the world across the iPhone baseband is corroded significantly; we suspected the iPhone baseband energy is broken. Replace the iPhone baseband energy, repair the iPhone 6S, the fault nonetheless exists.
Remove the iPhone baseband CPU quilt defend by means of Titanium Alloy Tweezers, there is not any strains of water across the iPhone baseband, the iPhone baseband is excellent.
Put iPhone motherboard underneath the Stereo Zoom Microscope to look at, we discovered the screw hollow BS0502 has been penetrated, there are a number of circuit strains within the decrease layer board are disconnected . Connect the ones damaged circuit strains one by means of one, after which set up the iPhone.
Now use iTunes to revive the iPhone 6S once more, it be successful.
Summary: this 4013 error isn’t led to by means of a iPhone baseband downside, it is led to by means of the penetrating screw hollow inflicting the iPhone CPU works abnormally.